Surprisingly people at craft fairs sometimes ask me what these are for, so in case there is any doubt I have spelt it out in the style of Tim Robbins in the excellent Coen Brother's film the Hudsucker Proxy - "You know, for drinks!" To put it more simply, they are beautiful fused glass coasters handmade by Katherine Wilson in Nottingham.

beachhut coasters copy

Keep the carefree summer-vibe going with these beach hut coasters. 

moustache coaster single

Fabulous fused glass coasters with moustache designs from suave to villain - buy one or all four!

potting shed artichoke
A set of 4 glass coasters that are perfect for any gardening enthusiasts.

Like flaky sweet pastry and vanilla custard, without the calories.

cardshark copy copy

Perfect for any poker players or bridge buffs that you have to buy for!

Handmade fused glass coasters in rich, warm, colours for hot summer days.

treble clef coaster

A musical materpiece for the coffee cup of the musician in your life.