This is my selection of handmade glass cufflinks.  Cufflinks really show the best features of glass, they are smooth, shiny, tactile, glamorous and a little bit chunky.  Each pair is fitted with a nickel bar type fixing which make them much easier to put on and they are all handmade by Katherine Wilson in Nottingham.

orienteer cufflinks copy

Make sure you don't lose your way with these orange and opaque white cufflinks.

midnight blue flower
Metalic midnight-blue flowers on a black background.

tigers eye cufflinks copy

As a fan of orange I couldn't resist making some cufflinks with this stunning glass.

aqua vita cufflinks

Pleasingly domed cufflinks made from two shades of blue glass with a flash of dichroic.

letter cufflinks copy

Crisp white glass cufflinks with a sharp black letter fused onto the surface. 

pink stripe cufflinks copy

Rich black with a flash of dichroic which will shimmer from pink to pale green.

Alfie knew the power of a pink shirt, but if it's too far for you, how about pink cufflinks?

wizard of oz cufflinks copy

Three shades of green in cufflinks fit for the Emerald City.

These cufflinks have all the crispness of a clean white shirt with a bit of sparkling silver.

A square of glimmering cadbury purple dichroic glass sets these cufflinks apart. 

Glossy black and deep moody grey - these handmade glass cufflinks hint at hidden depths.

You don't have to say you love them with hearts and flowers, cufflinks work too!