• hearts
  • orange lucky 2
  • big cufflink
  • These traditionally leaded, stained glass hearts, would look lovely hanging from a window frame or kitchen dresser. Not just for St Valentine's day, but all year round.
  • My Lucky Pendants remind me of boiled sweets and I've made them in so many colours. If you don't see the colour you would like, just ask and if I can make it for you, I will!
  • I love making fused-glass cufflinks, I can make them to match your new shirt, to go with your wedding theme or just use your favourite colour. "I just wanted to say a big thank you. The cufflinks arrived the other day and are perfect." (Paul)
Handmade earrings with deep black glass and a rich purple centre.
I can't think why I didn't make some Cadbury earrings sooner!  just like your favourite Cadbury Cufflinks, these earrings are made from opaque black glass and dazzling purple dichroic glass.
Fitted with silver plated bails and sterling silver fish-hooks.