2017 decoration copy

A new decorations for 2017 with charming trees made from rods of green and red glass.

snowflake copy

A delicate and elegant glass snowflake with irridescent tips to catch the light.

 christmas 2016 copy
A stylishly simple festive decoration without an ounce of kitch. 

poppy field copy

A field of bright red poppies and dots of green, dancing in the light.

sparkle tealight holder copy

These glass tealight holders are a simple way to add wow to your Christmas table

love token 2017 copy

An updated version of my classic love token with a twisted copper heart.

stained glass heart

A traditional piece with a hand-cut read glass heart with lead surround.

pink star

If you like to decorate your tree with modern pink and purple then this is for you.

tealight holder blue

Set of two fresh, blue, tealight holders with a stripe of soft, baby pink.